Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school


Situated on a tree-lined road in the prestigious Pittville area of Cheltenham, children are cared for in a beautiful period house, listed as a building of interest, dating back to the late 1800’s. The rooms are large with natural calming decor designed to stimulate.  Children are grouped by age and development throughout the various areas, allowing for age-appropriate learning.


Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school


The nursery has a wonderful creative garden and Secret Garden with mud kitchen and lots of places to explore and develop imagination, spanning almost an acre of outdoor space children are encouraged to spend lots of time outdoors in the fresh air, where they can learn in a safe, open natural environment.

Over the years we’ve achieved numerous awards recognising the hard work, dedication and efforts in making a positive difference throughout the Early Years journey of many children.  Our management and staff have academic and practical knowledge relative to child development, focusing daily on building self-esteem and confidence in young children – both proven to be factors in effective learning.


Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school


It would be remiss to not share the outstanding efforts from our Five Star Kitchen, aptly awarded for the 10th consecutive year.  Based on our healthy eating programme, the Head Chef, passionately creates delicious meals for all our children, proudly offering 7 portions of fruit and vegetables daily along with catering for all the special dietary requirements.


Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school

We closely follow the guidelines laid out by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of what children need to learn at each stage of their development and we are very much a child lead environment, enriching children's ideas and creativity with support, direction and guidance from our professional practitioners/teachers.  As a mindful practice to develop consciousness in young children, we follow the philosophy of the curiousity approach, a modern day aproach to learning in the early years.  Combining theories and research from Reggio, Steiner and Montessori it creates an ethos allowing children the opportunity to use authentic resources, loose parts, natural materials and resources that will inspire curiousity and ignite their imagination.



Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school


Our “Early Years Educators” create interesting and unusual play spaces using all kinds of materials that children can explore safely. We believe that technology and plastic modern day toys have a profound impact on the development and well-being of our youngest children and it is our aim to provoke childrens innate skill of curiousity to deepen levels of cognitive thinking, communication and social skills.



Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school

As a highly motivated staff team we are dedicated to developing and expanding our knowledge and understanding in the childcare field, evidenced in the ongoing training. We listen to children, actively involving them in the decision-making process, focusing on all the benefits children gain from the many activities on offer. We encourage ongoing feedback from all our parents and practice an open door policy, in listening to how we can continually improve our service. This is reflected in our many achievements.


Circus Day Nursery and Pre-school

Often it is the interests of the children, that drive activities making learning a healthy balance of child initiated activities with adult direction. When children become curious, encouragement and enjoyment are basics ingredients for richer  learning and development.  A spark of interest from one child can manifest to provide that child and others at Circus Day Nursery an opportunity to grow and learn.  Imagination is magical and we want to encourage children to “Never stop looking for what is not there"

Many of our parents past and present have taken time to appreciate their childrens’ experience at Circus Day Nursery so we have put together a lovely  Testimonials page to share on our website: 

We would love to show you all that Circus Day Nursery and Pre school has to offer to you and your children. Please feel free to contact us today on 01242 253222 or email to schedule a personal tour of our facilities.

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Circus Day Nursery

Situated in a tree-lined road in the prestigious Pittville area of Cheltenham. Children are cared for in a beautiful period house with an acre garden. Highly motivated and dedicated staff focusing daily on building the self-esteem and confidence of the children.

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