Women of Spirit - Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.


Wome of Spirit - Ordinary Women. Extraordinary Lives.

Susie’s Story

I’ve been there, and I know only too well the consequences low self-worth has on your life.
My path was a hard one but I was lucky enough to have support from some amazing women who shared their experiences with me on the way and made me feel less alone.
I now realise that sharing life experiences can empower others who are struggling with extraordinary personal challenges.
This book was created to give each and every woman a platform not only to be heard but from which she is able to help others through their pain.
My hope is that you will help us build the women of spirit movement into something that will reach women who are in need of love and support.

women of spirit

Mission statement
To inspire and empower women to develop a healthy sense of self and to know their true worth.

Vision statement
For women to lead a life full of confidence and strong self-worth, a world in which we inspire each other towards self-empowerment.

The Book

Women of Spirit – overwhelmingly inspiring
This book is an inspiration to all women in the twenty-first century, young and old.


Through these incredible women sharing their stories, Women of Spirit details the real-life adversity faced by women who have turned their lives around and now thrive. Readers will learn how women beat illness, disempowerment, racism, bereavement and lack of acceptance. Throughout their stories each woman has left clues, patterns and signposts about how they did this. These act as a guide for those who are still battling their own demons to pick out their own relevances – and so move towards true self-empowerment. It is a highly accessible book full of discovery and enlightenment.


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Women of Spirit

Sharing women's extraordinary stories in a brand new book

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