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Making Gloucestershire a physically active and successful sporting county.

Active Gloucestershire (formally The Gloucestershire Sports Partnership) was established in December 1999 with the task of sustaining and increasing participation in community sport and physical activity across the county. This includes informal activities like dance and pilates, newer activities, such as skateboarding, and more traditional team sports like football and netball.

There is an abundance of evidence that suggests sport and physical activity can enhance the quality of life of individuals and communities by having a direct impact on improving health and education.The evidence shows that it also contributes to a more vibrant economy, builds sustainable communities and provides opportunities for all individuals to establish and achieve personal goals. However, despite recent investment in sport, England's participation rate in sport and physical activity (at least three times 30 minutes per week at moderate intensity) stands at 21% and has remained flat for the past twenty years - trailing many European and worldwide nations.

That's where we come in. Our purpose is to develop and coordinate strong and integrated partnerships with all those involved in sport and physical activity across Gloucestershire and work together with local, regional and national bodies to provide a single delivery system for community sport. We are tasked with increasing the levels of regular participation in sport and physical activity thus ultimately meeting the government's national target of having 50% of the population being regularly physically active by 2020 - this requires a 1% increase in adult participation each year.

In working in partnership with Sport England, Active Gloucestershire strive to help fulfill Sport England's role of sustaining and increasing participation in community sport.

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