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Child Behaviour Solutions

Do you feel like you have lost control of your family life?  Are you struggling with a child or children that seem to behave wonderfully at school but who lose control the moment they get home? Do you often have to deal with “out of control” child behaviour? Have you felt that your child’s behaviour is a reflection on you as a parent and that whatever you are doing just isn’t enough?

STOP right there!

These are questions that are being considered in numerous family homes across the country and even across the world on an almost daily basis. But please know, you are not alone in your struggle and there is help available to make things better.  Know that there is no perfect parent and no perfect parenting style.  What there is, is a mum or a dad who is
trying to do their best for their children but perhaps coming up against some challenges. The challenges you are experiencing may be as a result of your own personal issues, having an anxious child that you don’t know how to help, or struggling to know how to help your child following on from their diagnosis.

Whatever the reason most of us have been in a similar position at some point in our life as a parent. There is one simple step you can take to improve the situation you are in and that is to talk.

Our specially trained team can help you make sense of the issues in your family life and facilitate meaningful discussions that result in actions which have noticeable positive effects on you, your child and your family life.

We provide bespoke programmes that are created to the needs of the individual or group of individuals, we are not a one size fits all method.  Our aim is to help you regain your confidence, strength and passion for being a parent.

Child Behaviour Solutions


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Child Behaviour Solutions

Providing parenting consultancy specialising in working with families and professionals where a child has autistic spectrum conditions.

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