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The Housebound Library Service is for people who are confined to their homes for any reason and who don't have anyone to visit the library for them.

How can I receive the service?

Please telephone your local library and ask them to arrange for a librarian to visit you. (Any information you give will be treated confidentially).

What happens next?

A librarian will contact you and make an appointment to come and see you about the service. You should check their identity before letting them in.

What will they ask?

They will talk to you generally about the service and be able to answer any questions you may have. They will ask you what sort of books and music you like. This information will then be used when choosing items from the library for you.

When will I start to receive the service?

Almost immediately. The librarian will contact a volunteer about coming to see you and will then bring the volunteer to meet you. After that you should receive a service straight away.

What can I borrow?

The volunteer will bring a selection of materials to your home and you can choose from them.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow as many as you feel you can read between visits.

What happens if I want a particular book?

If you would like a particular book or books on a subject you want to know more about, ask the volunteer. They will tell the librarian who will try to get the books you want, but it helps if you can provide us with as much information about the book or subject as possible. These requests will be provided free of charge.

What if I cannot see very well?

A wide range of books in large print can be provided, or you might prefer to listen to books on tape. Ask the librarian for more details about these. For registered partially sighted or blind people there is a free postal service which provides books on tape. This is provided by the VIP Service.

Is there anything else I can borrow?

There are collections of music cassettes, compact discs and videos in many libraries and these can be provided for you. There are also subtitled videos which can be obtained from Gloucester Library.

How much will it cost?

The service is absolutely free for housebound people. There is nothing to pay.

How often will the volunteer call?

The volunteers usually visit once every four weeks, though in some cases the service is fortnightly. However, the day and time are usually arranged to suit you both.

Who can I contact about any problems?

The librarian will visit you occasionally to make sure that you are happy with the service, but if you have any problems in the meantime, please contact your local library.

Can the library provide any other information?

The library has information on a wide range of subjects and if you have a specific problem, we can put you in touch with people who can give help and advice.

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