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Paul Hodgson
Cotswold Woodland Crafts
Weavers Cottage
Butterrow West

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Cotswold Woodland Crafts | What we offer


Courses in Green Woodworking
Public demonstrations of green woodwork, including pole-lathe turning
Corporate days organised to suit the group of professionals
School or Scout group sessions
Talks on green woodworking and chairmaking
Products, stools and chairs for sale

What is Green Woodwork?

The term "green woodwork" describes a traditional technique used in the making of wooden objects from un-seasoned timber. In this context 'green' refers to timber that has been recently felled and is still wet and remains in an unseasoned state.

The timber used is often a by-product of the woodland management process. The coppiced timber in its 'green' state is easier to cut, shape and turn. The timber does not require a sawmill or a kiln and is ready to be worked by the craftsperson.

The green woodworker applies techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. Today's craftsman uses tools and skills developed during the early industrialisation of chairmaking as depicted by the "bodgers" of the Chiltern beech forests.

The tree is felled, cut to length and then split along its length with wedges and a froe, a process known as CLEAVING. The split timber is then trimmed and shaved using an axe, a draw knife and a shaving horse.

With the timber in a suitably dimensioned form, it can be finally shape by chisel on a pole-lathe.

The techniques described are simpler, cheaper, cleaner and safer than many modern methods. There is less reliance on machinery and greater opportunity for creativity and craftsmanship.

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Cotswold Woodland Crafts

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See all listings from Cotswold Woodland Crafts

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