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Andrea Marsh
Shiatsu Dog
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Mobile: 07899 987227

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Shiatsu Dog - Canine Acupressure Therapy


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Does your dog have any of these ailments?

Muscular pains, allergies, anxiety issues, back & leg problems/ stiffness, arthritis, gastro-intestinal disorders, balance/co-ordination problems. Age related symptoms, post-op recovery, rehoming or rescue rehabilitation needed?
Shiatsu is a gentle finger pressure therapy based on the same knowledge as Acupuncture. More than just a massage, Shiatsu aims to get to the root of a problem, and aid your dog to recover, giving you tips on how to treat your dog back at home and includes advice on dietary changes if applicable.
Working on your dog’s muscles, soft tissue, organs, fascia and fluids, Shiatsu uses all the systems in your dog’s body to help them get the best result from this beneficial therapy whilst working with your dog's natural ability to heal themselves.

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Andrea Marsh – CSA (P) Canine Shiatsu Practitioner
Andrea is one of the first formally trained Canine Shiatsu Practitioners in the UK, and has been a people practitioner for over 10 years and is fully insured and a member of Shiatsu Society UK and the Canine Shiatsu Association:

“Physically, emotionally and mentally your dog can experience the same issues as you, from a sprained ankle to arthritis and auto-immune diseases to emotional anxiety and grief.

A lot of ailments can’t be dealt entirely by a Vet or with traditional physiotherapy, but as Shiatsu incorporates more than standard canine massage and using knowledge from Eastern Medicine this allows a Shiatsu Practitioner to understand the patterns of symptoms and how to aid your dog recover physically and emotionally. 

It is a non-invasive, gentle treatment working with energetics that will compliment other therapies in accordance to your Vet's guidelines. Shiatsu is the only true Holistic Therapy - taking your dog's mind, emotions and physical symptoms all into consideration and the aim is to rebalance and revitalise your dog’s health.

I use a mixture of techniques with the aim to calm and relax your dog and make them receptive to and comfortable with a Shiatsu treatment, this is especially important if your dog is anxious. I can also do home visits if you feel your dog is happier at home. (additional charge based on distance). You’ll be in the treatment at all times, and even help out, so expect to crawl around on the floor with me and your dog!

When there seems to be no cause, or traditional options are not resolving a long term issue think of Shiatsu to aid in your dog's healthy recovery and wellbeing. This gentle touch therapy, is supportive for your dog on many levels and our quality of touch, is very different to any other therapy but is long term in its results.”

Please call Andrea to chat about how Shiatsu can be of benefit for your dog, on 07899 987227.


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Shiatsu Dog

Specialised Acupressure Massage Therapy for your Canine Friend Andrea Marsh MRSS CSA(P).  Cheltenham & Gloucestershire based

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