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Gloucester Arts Council - Arts and Theatre in Gloucestershire


Welcome to the brand new Gloucester Arts Council website. We are proud to announce that our Patron is Mr Jeremy Irons

Our aim is to create a hybrid focal point solely for the non-professional groups across all genres of performing arts, drama, musical and dance.

Gloucester Arts Council - Arts and Theatre in Gloucestershire


A strategy for pride in Gloucester through Heritage and the Arts

It is time to set out a structured approach to the Arts and Heritage in Gloucester. In a city whose history is its greatest unexploited asset and which a century ago could boast several theatres; Gloucester seems to have lost its way in promoting its unique historical and cultural heritage. This heritage offers opportunities to build a community spirit and pride while also driving economic growth: not through massive upfront investment, but by empowering the many city-based groups who, while they individually cannot make these necessary changes, collectively have the community momentum to deliver an artistic revolution.

The main content of this document is informed by nearly three decades of involvement with producing theatre in the county and with contact with a wide cross-section of the hundreds of people operating in local communities across the County who feel passionate about the arts.

There are significant social and community benefits to be gained by exploiting the unique heritage of a city: its’ buildings, historic sites and events. In the case of Gloucester, this heritage is not promoted to the city’s residents or in local Schools, to make the next generation aware of the uniqueness of the City that they are growing up in and so giving that sense of ownership and pride that builds the community. Such promotion would also bring benefits to the incoming immigrant population and build a sense of community across all areas of the city, and between different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.

Access to the arts can play a key role in enhancing the quality of life, in terms of how people feel about the place where they live and benefit to individuals in developing self-expression, learning and corresponding health benefits, both physical and mental. The arts can also contribute to the development of local economies, attracting visitors and encouraging the local population to support arts events in their own city, rather than having to travel elsewhere to access events.

Gloucester Arts Council - Arts and Theatre in Gloucestershire

What do we mean by ‘the Arts’?

This strategy will use the term Arts to include the following:

  • Theatre (street theatre, small-scale touring, youth theatre)
  • Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking)
  • Performing Arts (puppetry, circus, variety, comedy)
  • Dance (modern, ballet, contemporary, ballroom, world, street)
  • Music (classical, opera, jazz, folk, rock, world, pop)
  • Literature (writing, storytelling, poetry)
  • Folk Arts (music, dance, word)
  • Combined Arts activities
  • Craft (traditional, contemporary, ceramics, glass)
  • Media (photography, film-making, cinema, video)
  • New Media (digital arts, CG arts, web-based arts, multimedia)
  • Broadcasting (radio, TV.)


  • The enlargement of the current GTA (Gloucestershire Theatre Association) concept to form an umbrella arts organisation that links all the Arts groups in the county to a central body and location, for example, The Gloucester Arts Council (GAC) heading up The Gloucester Arts Project (GAP) at the Olympus Theatre. ( or another venue )
  • The creation of a central box office, “Gloucestershire Box Office “(GBO) to promote all events in the county, however large or small and across all the Arts; offering an online box office service; the development of a central database and proactive marketing and promotion facility.
  • The ongoing development of a central resource database for all local arts groups, design: technical, lighting, sound, costume, properties, rehearsal and performance spaces
  • Profits from the box office and other services to be used to create a local fund for the provision of short-term interest-free loans to performance groups and seed funding for local projects, subject to certain criteria.
  • The development of local history education and promotion through the creation of new plays and films working closely with heritage groups, schools, colleges and Gloucestershire University. (AEthelflaed, Henry III, Edward II)

Gloucester Arts Council - Arts and Theatre in Gloucestershire



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Gloucester Arts Council

To create a hybrid focal point solely for the non-professional groups across all genres of performing arts, drama, musical and dance

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