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Habitat First Group is a development company founded on the principle of creating holiday home communities that share a deep love for Mother Nature.

Combining excellence in architecture, interior design, state-of-the-art facilities, security and service, Habitat First Group creates an oasis of space where families can holiday comfortably and responsibly, while safely exploring the great outdoors.

Habitat First Group is a family-run business. Having launched Lower Mill Estate in 1999, the company has now spread its wings with the launch of Silverlake, Dorset and has a number of other exciting projects in the pipeline.

We combine location, ecology, knowledge and grounded luxury to enable us to give your family a habitat to thrive.


25 years ago, on a hot summer’s day, Jeremy Paxton saw an enticing spot by a lake in The Cotswolds, whilst he was flying his helicopter. The area was clear and he landed for a sandwich, a swim and a snooze.

A chance lunch with a friend led Jeremy to discover that the plot was for sale and three weeks later Jeremy was the owner of what is now known as Lower Mill Estate.

After many years of enjoying the estate with his family he looked at the possibility of sharing it with other people and building a limited number of vacation homes that harmonised ecology, architecture and people. After many years of developing a master-plan Jeremy and his family achieved permission to build 575 vacation homes across the site. Only one third of the site is developable leaving two thirds as untouched nature reserve and lakes.

The group is still run by the Paxton family who strive to lead the way in building award-winning vacation communities where families can make memories.


Habitat First creates private, vacation home communities that share a love for mother nature. By combining excellence in architecture, interior design, facilities, security and service, home owners can escape from the rigours of city living.

Habitat First offers an oasis of space where families can holiday comfortably and responsibly, safely explore and re-energise in acres and acres of natural habitat.


We strive to have a positive impact in everything we do, respecting nature and the wider community, as well as enhancing the health and wellbeing of families who invest in and enjoy our unique natural retreats.

Habitat Zero is Habitat First Group’s commitment to deliver an environmentally-responsible, carbon neutral business by 2030.


Having worked with some of the world’s leading architects, Habitat First Group are at the forefront of vacation home architecture and nowhere in the world can you find such an eclectic mix of designs and materials across a single development.


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