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When Luan Wise decided she wanted to go into marketing, social media didn’t even exist. Now she has direct relationships with LinkedIn and Facebook, she can’t believe how much she’s achieved.

Luan was recognised as one of the top five female marketers in the UK by LinkedIn. She was also selected by Enterprise Nation to be an accredited Facebook trainer and will continue to be a part of the #shemeansbusiness campaign in 2019.
“LinkedIn first contacted me in February 2015. They were running a PR campaign for International Women’s Day, and they had recognised me for being ‘best connected’ and wanted my approval to be part the campaign - I of course said yes!
That was really great to be recognised because I wasn’t paying to use the platform. I was running my own business, I was working from home, the people they recognised weren’t the people from the big brands – it was a genuine recognition for best practice”
A year after she was first noticed by LinkedIn, she was contacted by their content team, inviting her to audition as a course instructor for their online learning platform. “After an initial conversation I was asked me to do some online auditions – voiceover recordings. I also had to demonstrate that I could talk while doing on-screen demos.” It’s a lengthy process, explained Luan. “Once you have a course topic signed off, you’re assigned a producer. Glamourous I know! For the first 6 months I had a weekly Skype call to practise the script, talk about the recording process and what I wanted my audience to learn. I had two trips to California! It took 9 months to produce my first course, now it takes between 3-6 months and I record remotely.”
Luan’s book, Relax! It’s Only Social Media: A No-Nonsense Guide to Social Networking was published in 2016. It gives advice on how you can get great results online and how you can use social media better:
“I knew I wanted to write a book, but it wasn’t until I met Kim Fleet, a writing coach, that I committed to doing it. I had a stack of presentations and blogs, but they needed to be re-structured. I found the title a couple of months into writing, and then changed everything to fit the tone of the title so it could run through the book.”
With a unique name, Luan was well on her way to building a personal brand event before setting up her own business. She even ‘lives the brand’ by dying her hair pink. Luan says “it is important to be consistent in the way you present yourself, so your image is recognised and relatable to the audience. You don’t need to go as far as dying your hair – but it certainly helps when it comes to meeting up with people and attending networking events!”

Luan reflects on her earlier career and says that no job she’s had has ever been the same. She shapes and grows each opportunity in her own way. Now that she’s invested much of her time in the world of social media, she believes it’s always important to go back to basics and keep focused.
“You have to know what market you’re in, what product or service you’re selling, and understand your customer.”
Working from home and being invited to frequent networking and training events, she enjoys the flexibility that comes with her role: “I love working directly with clients. I also enjoy running face-to-face workshops where I have to think, talk and focus intensely for up to 7 hours.”
For the marketing author, she continuously looks out for questions being asked, so she can identify the opportunities and where her expertise could come into play.

Luan’s top three tips for social media are:
• Don’t get distracted by the latest ‘new and shiny’ feature; it’s overwhelming and can put you off getting involved.
• Focus on your audience – what do they need to know about you and your business. Remember, it’s about them, it’s not about you!
• Look for conversation triggers. Don’t just broadcast information and hope for a response. Ask questions and be helpful whenever you can.
You can buy Relax! It’s Only Social Media: A No-Nonsense Guide to Social Networking on the link below.


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Luan Wise

Luan was recognised as one of the top five female marketers in the UK for the #LinkedInBestConnected social campaign in 2015.  She was subsequently invited to audition as a course instructor for LinkedIn’s online learning platform and has produced seven courses to date, viewed more than 300,000 times. She is also an accredited trainer for Facebook's #shemeansbusiness campaign with Enterprise Nation.Chartered marketer. Consultant. Author 'Relax! It's Only Social Media'. Course instructor LinkedIn Learning. Accredited #SheMeansBusiness social media trainer.

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