Just So cast meet their animal counterparts at Cotswold Wildlife Park!


Just So - The Musical at the Barn Theatre, Cirencester brings to life Rudyard Kipling’s tales of how the animals came to be; including how the Giraffe Got It’s Spots, How The Rhino Got It’s Baggy Skin and How The Zebra Got It’s Stripes, and this week the cast got the chance to meet their animal counterparts at Cotswold Wildlife Park!

Grant Urquhart (Leopard), Imogen Halsey (Giraffe), Michaela Stern (Rhino), Rosalind Ford (Zebra) had the opportunity meet  the animals they play in the show during a trip to local Cotswold Wildlife Park. Alongside fellow cast members Dylan Wynford (Jaguar), Duncan Drury (The Eldest Magician), Kiran Patel (Parsee Man / Kangaroo) and Lewis Cornay (Ele-phant’s Child).

Michaela Stern (Rhino), had the chance to meet some of Cots-wold Wildlife Park’s five White Rhinos. These iconic animals were once the rarest subspe-cies of any Rhino and were on the verge of extinction in the early 1900s, when it was be-lieved only twenty to fifty animals remained in their native African homeland. Cotswold Wildlife Park is committed to Rhino conservation.

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