Adcock Shoes to close after more than 100 years as a shoe shop in the Bath Road



Adcock Shoes, on the Bath Road, is to close its doors after many years serving the local community.

The premises, on the corner of Bath Road and Hermitage Street, has a long history as a shoe shop. In 1903, James and Caroline Lawrence moved their shoe-making business to it from their home in Naunton Crescent. The family continued selling excellent quality footwear until 1974, first by James and Caroline themselves, then by two of their daughters, Maud and Minnie, and eventually passing to their niece and her husband in 1960. They kept the name Lawrence but then started selling shoes made by Clarks.

In 1974 one of the shop assistants, Mrs Grace, took over the business and finally, in 1983, an even older shoe making family firm, Adcocks, took over.

Matthew Henry Adcock, started his boot and shoe making business in the High Street in the town centre. His speciality was a clog made with a leather leg front for “carriage-washing and such purposes”. He made clogs for the local Flowers' brewery and was also an agent for the Thrift Boot, which was popular at the end of the 19th century.

​Matthew was succeeded in the business in 1925 by his son Paul, in 1945 by his grandson Arthur, in 1978 by his great-grandson Terence and in 1987 by his great-great granddaughter Vicky.

Now, after well over 100 years as a shoe shop, Vicky has decided to have a change in career. Everything has to go so if you are looking for a bargain, head down to the shoe shop on the Bath Road for one last time.

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The Lawrences displayed their shoes and boots in the beautiful windows of the shop







The Facebook statement from Adcocks Shoes reads; “So you've not heard from us for a while and that's because we've been doing a lot of Adcock Shoes is going to be shutting it's doors in the next few months...Retail has had me for 35 years and it's time for a change in career....So I am half heavy hearted as we will miss you all but the other hand very excited to start a new chapter in my's never to late!!! Can't thank you all enough for all your support over the years everything has to go and we have a massive shop full of bargains ...... don't delay....Have a great day and keep an eye out for all the pictures to follow....“ The history of the property is taken from the Cheltenham South Town website and the link to their page is below.


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