Cheltenham’s CCTV receives official accreditation


The council is pleased to announce that the town’s public realm CCTV system has achieved full Surveillance Camera Commissioner Accreditation.


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The accreditation is evidence of the fact that the town’s public realm CCTV system is operated in a transparent, effective and proportionate way.

To achieve the accreditation, the council in partnership with the police has been working to improve policies and operational procedures. This is to make sure that the way the public realm CCTV in Cheltenham is operated complies with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice.

The code sets out 12 areas which must be satisfied in order to gain the accreditation:

1.    The use of a surveillance camera system must always be for a specified purpose which is in pursuit of a legitimate aim

2.    The use of a surveillance camera system must take into account its effect on individuals and their privacy

3.    There must be as much transparency in the use of a surveillance camera system as possible

4.    There must be clear responsibility and accountability for all surveillance camera system

5.    Clear rules, policies and procedures must be in place

6.    No more images and information should be stored than that which is strictly required

7.    Access to retained images and information should be restricted and there must be clearly defined rules on who can gain access

8.    Surveillance camera system operators should consider any approved operational, technical and competency standards

9.    Surveillance camera system images and information should be subject to appropriate security measures

10.  There should be effective review and audit mechanisms to ensure legal requirements and policies

11.  It should then be used in the most effective way to support public safety and law enforcement

12.  Any information used to support a surveillance camera system which compares against a reference database for matching purposes should be accurate and kept up to date


Louis Krog, licensing team leader at the borough council said: “We are pleased that Cheltenham’s public realm CCTV system has, for the first time, gained official recognition for being operated in a transparent, effective and proportionate way.

“The council recognises the important role CCTV plays in keeping people safe, whilst at the same time recognising that public surveillance should only be used in a proportionate way to protect people’s privacy and civil liberties.  The accreditation recognises that the town’s CCTV system is operated in a way that strikes the right balance.”

Force Control Room Inspector Andy Kilmurray said: ‘’Gloucestershire Constabulary is proud to be working in partnership with local councils to provide open and transparent CCTV services that help protect our communities.

“Full accreditation with the Surveillance Camera Commissioner has been achieved in partnership with Gloucester City Council, Cheltenham Borough Council, Stroud District Council and Cirencester Town Council.


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