IMPORTANT PARKING INFORMATION - Proposed waiting restriction changes, Tivoli - Letter from Amey Gloucestershire


Many thanks for responding to our recent consultation regarding parking issues in Tivoli. Formal consultation ended on the 14th of December 2018 and the aim of this letter is to advise you of how we intend to conclude this scheme based on the comments received.

We have carefully considered all the points that were raised and made some minor changes where possible. The main concern was the loss of parking in an area that is already under strain because of the lack of residential off-street parking and commuter/visitor demand. Whilst we received a large level of support we have endeavoured to reduce the restrictions where possible to ensure a positive balance between road safety and minimal loss to on street parking in the area.

However the only change we could accommodate was to the proposed parking bays in Hatherley Court Road (Limited waiting Mon-Sat 8am to 6pm 1 Hr No return 1 Hr) will be extended to 2 Hrs maximum stay to allow more time for visiting local facilities, such as the park. There will be no change to the operational times of the bay, Mon-Sat 8am – 6pm. This is to maintain consistency with other restrictions in the area. 

Other comments received included requests for parking permits, an area wide 20mph speed limit, traffic calming measures and a One-way system.

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) has introduced several parking permit schemes across Cheltenham and it is possible that Tivoli will form part of any future review if there is strong support from local residents. If such proposals are appropriate, GCC will ensure that the local Councillor’s for the area are involved at any early stage and a full consultation process will take place. 

A 20mph speed limit is something that Cheltenham Borough has considered but will be subject to a separate review to ensure that any speed limit reduction complies with national guidance (Setting Local Speed Limits Department for Transport, 2013). Speed surveys would be required and any changes in the speed limit would have to be supported by the Police who have the necessary powers of enforcement. Traffic calming is likely to form part of any speed limit review but is outside of the scope of this TRO.

A One-Way system is likely to increase vehicle speeds and therefore increase the risk to vulnerable road users including pedestrians and cyclists. 

A number of other requests were made for additional waiting restrictions but as these would be more restrictive and outside the scope of this TRO, these will be reviewed and included where possible in future proposals in the area. The primary focus of this TRO is improving highway safety at junctions. 

Based on the above you now have the following options;

1. If you have previously objected but are happy with the changes that we have outlined above, no further action is needed.
2. If you have previously objected and remain unhappy with the changes outlined above, you need to write in with any formal comments and state if you wish to uphold your objection to the scheme.

If you would like to make further formal representation about the amended proposals, please write in to the email or postal address at the top of the letter by 22nd February 2019.  All upheld comments received will be reconsidered and a detailed report on the outcome will be prepared and presented to the Network and Traffic Manager for a final decision.


David Wilson

For and on behalf of Amey Gloucestershire

Amey Gloucestershire
5th Floor
Shire Hall

Tel: 08000 514 514



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