Local bike hire firm offers way to ride out cost of living crisis


A bicycle hire business in Cheltenham is hoping to ease the economic strain by urging locals to swap four wheels for two amid high fuel prices and the soaring cost of living.

The Bicycle Hub, located at Cheltenham Spa Railway Station, is seeing trade increase for both its hire and purchase of preowned, new and used bikes, as local commuters and families look for more cost-effective ways to live as the economy bites. Although the switch is being driven by financial reasons, there are of course other key benefits that cycling brings, such as improved fitness and helping to reduce carbon footprint.

Statistics show that pedalling at speeds of 10mph, a 140-pound cyclist burns about 400 calories an hour. Even biking a few times a week reduces blood pressure and stress while increasing energy and elevating overall mood.

Hiring a bike or buying a pre-owned bicycle is considered a cheaper and smarter investment than joining a gym, with the average gym membership cost in the UK around £40 per month. With the increase in energy costs and record levels of inflation which continue to rise, this average cost is set to climb even further as some gyms look set to increase their membership fees, placing further strain on families. This is particularly significant at a time when physical exercise can help ease the impact of stress and mental wellbeing which is being exacerbated because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Steve Short, owner of The Bicycle Hub, said: “We’re living in very stressful times when money is becoming tighter and living costs are only going upwards. It's calling for a shift in mindset which is now being embraced. Cycling is a great stress buster as it boosts both physical and mental wellbeing, and is definitely worth considering as an alternative to driving to work locally or simply getting about.

“We’re gaining new business as more and more people are seeking ways to cut down on fuel costs, or as a cheaper alternative to joining a gym. It’s a great way to increase fitness while easing the pocket. We’re also seeing more demand for our servicing and repairs service as bicycles are being taken out of shed or garage storage and dusted off to use.”


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