Homeshare set to expand in the UK


Homeshare UK is bringing the popular international idea of mixed generation
households to the UK – and the latest report published shows it’s reaching more
people thanks to investment from charities and local councils.

The Homeshare idea is bringing the generations together; an older person offers a
spare room to someone who needs an affordable place to live, in return for company and help around the home. The Householder and Sharer discover shared interests, reconnect with their community and share skills, helping to reduce loneliness, give young people a start in life and make Britain a country for all ages. It’s safe and well- managed: a network of Homeshare providers match people together, provide back up, safety checks and make sure people are compatible, before the sharer moves in.

The latest report published today shows a 22% growth in the number of Homeshare matches over the past 12 months – more than 1,000 people have benefited from Homeshare in the UK and ROI in 2019. But unlike other countries, most older people in a Homeshare match in the UK are over 80 years old.

With changing attitudes, families living farther away from each other, the high cost of living especially in some of our key cities and the rising age of first time buyers, Homeshare is increasingly being seen as an option for all ages, low paid workers and savers.

Homeshare Gloucestershire, part of Age UK Gloucestershire, is celebrating one year of successfully matching people in our county. During that time Homeshare Gloucestershire has brokered 7 successful matches, and more are on the way. Today, Homeshare Gloucestershire is inviting people of any age who have a comfortable spare room and would benefit from company and some help around the house to get in touch. We urge people to plan now to avoid a point of crisis and offer someone a start in life in return.

Georgina, 20, is studying Veterinary Nursing Science at Hartpury University and has home shared three times so far, finding Homeshare not just more affordable, but also much more rewarding than a standard tenancy.

Georgina says: “I don’t think the age difference is important, it’s more about being mentally connected to that person because they have so much to tell you and it’s so interesting to know what it was like before, because it’s so different. It’s just so nice to be with someone who doesn’t judge you or think about you in any way like some young people; they just want someone to talk to and spend time with.”

Emma, another Sharer, says: ”It’s a fantastic place to live; it works great for everybody. I would definitely recommend it because you have company all the time, you’re not on your own and it’s just lovely to have someone there and feel like you have a second family.”

Ann, a Householder, says of her Sharer: “I don't know where you'd find someone who would suit me better. He's just tailor-made for me. It feels like I've got one of my sons back.”

Homeshare is also hugely reassuring for the families of those involved. Dee, a Householder’s daughter, says: “It worked very well for Mum, because Mum had somebody in the house most of the time and especially overnight. It was great for her to have different people around. Without Homeshare Mum might have had to go into a care home. This enabled everybody to have the freedom of a house and be almost like a small family unit.”

Rob Fountain, Age UK Gloucestershire’s Chief Executive says, “Homeshare is a positive approach that we have been delighted to establish in Gloucestershire.  For those involved in a home share, the reciprocal nature of the arrangement means that loneliness and the need for a bit of support around the home are not responded to one-way.  The older person is also providing a valuable opportunity to a younger person.  That sense of purpose is crucial in avoiding dependency and promoting wellbeing.

“Homeshare is also an innovative response to supporting older people to retain their independence.  As such, even in a time of austerity it raises expectations and makes people think about the resources that are in our communities.  Age UK Gloucestershireis committed to being a catalyst in our county for better and more positive approaches to people living longer and Homeshare is a great example of how we are making that happen.”  

Age UK Gloucestershire is a local, independent charity working to make Gloucestershire the best county in which to grow older. It has a particular focus on helping people to navigate later life, to remain independent at home and to connect with friends and the local community.

For Further Information about Age UK Gloucestershire click on the link below or contact:

Barbara Williams, Head of Fundraising and Communications

Age UK Gloucestershire

email: or tel. 01452 420904






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Homeshare Gloucestershire

Homeshare brings together older people who have spare rooms, with people who need affordable accommodation and who are happy to chat and lend a hand. Homeshare can be a great and safe option for someone who misses having other people in their home.

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