Are You a Parent of a Teenage Son/Daughter?


“Careers and academic advice in schools are unfit for purpose. This should not be up for debate: we know the stats, the evidence and the experts are lining up to reinforce this.” Edward Williams, Parent, School Governor, Recruitment Consultant.

Thousands of young adults invest 2-5 years of their lives working hard to gain first class qualifications, only to end up in menial, low paid jobs they were qualified to do if they’d left school after G.C.S.E.s.

This is a heart-breaking outcome for any young person and for their parents as well.

Careers are jeopardised by the mistakes that both young people and parents unwittingly make.

There are 8 of them.

You could find out what most young adults are never told about the job market by talking to countless corporate executives, by mock interviewing over 3,000 students and by validating your findings in school classrooms. But why do that when I’ve done all of it for you?

It’s all available in my eye-opening Free Report:

“How to Sabotage a Career in 8 Easy Steps”


“How Parents Can Guide Their Children to Find The Career of Their Dreams”

Master Coach, Author and Professional Speaker 

To request your free report, click here. I will be delighted to send a complimentary copy, which you can expect to receive within 48 hours. 


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