Free Functional Skills English and Maths courses starting in March 2021


Struggle to work out how much the sales discount is? Want to apply for a new job but not sure of your English and maths ability? Forgotten where to put an apostrophe?

Join our Functional Skills English and maths courses to find the answers and be a better you.  Courses start March 2021!

Worried about Covid-19? Well, we’ve got it covered - our weekly courses are now being delivered through live internet classes, at various times throughout the day and evening. So there’s no travelling, no sitting in a room with strangers and every chance of success!

To book an online assessment appointment, please see our website:

What are Functional Skills?
They are practical skills in English and maths for adults. They provide you with essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable you to operate confidently, effectively and independently in every day life and work.

Why do a Functional Skills Qualification?
Achieving one or more of these qualifications could increase your confidence and motivation, access to employment and further learning opportunities. It will be a valuable addition on your CV.

Applying Functional Skills English in everyday life through:

  • writing letters and reports
  • getting your point across to others
  • giving presentations to customers, managers and colleagues
  • completing forms
  • getting more out of reading for pleasure.

Applying Functional Skills maths in everyday life through:

  • working out costs and savings
  • taking payments and giving change
  • planning journeys and delivery schedules
  • helping your children with maths
  • calculating quantities for DIY tasks

Courses take place Monday - Friday, with evening classes available too!
You can now learn from home, with live classes being taught over the internet – no travelling required!

For more information or to book an online assessment appointment, please see our website or email us at the address below:


Qualifications are FULLY FUNDED* subject to eligibility

Maybe get a friend to enrol with you and study together!





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