Ollie's Gig List - Coronavirus Update


Well everything is cancelled.  What a great shame for all the musicians and singers that work so hard to keep music live and food on their home table.  By the look of it there does not seem to be much point in trying to put the gig list out until at least June/July.  So depending on how the country goes I'll start asking at the beginning of June, for bookings and gigs, if life is getting back to normal (I'm doubtful!).  If it's dodgy then it will be July.

It's a shame 'cos I've got to get everyone "back in the habit" of letting me have details.

Musicians.  If theres something that you know is going to go ahead, before the list comes out, (this goes for venues too) for goodness sake let me know and I can push it out.

Well thats all I can do.  Take care everyone!



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