Son or Daughter Off to University?


Then here’s a tip that might just make a world of difference to how their career kicks off in 3 years’ time.

There’s a wonderful organisation called “Bright Futures” and they operate in more than half of all British Universities including most Oxbridge Colleges and most of the Red Brick Universities, otherwise known as the Russell Group.

“Bright Futures” organise monthly events where students and potential employers have opportunities to network with one another. They can attend these events from the first month at Uni and for the whole 3 years leading up to graduation. They will meet employers from the private and public sectors as well as charities. They choose which employers they like the look of and long-term relationships can be nurtured with them.

The object of this is to develop the kind of relationship that dramatically increases their chances of being offered a job, in their final year, but before sitting finals. Such offers are not normally dependent on final exam grade and subject to a satisfactory interview, the job will be theirs and your son/daughter may well be the only candidate. Beats competing for advertised jobs where they could be one of 50-100 candidates doesn’t it?

If you’re a parent of a young adult who’s just gone to Uni, please pass on this tip. Do not rely on the university promoting Bright Futures. I know they ought to, but I’ve met students who completed 3-year courses and were never made aware of their on-campus “Bright Futures” branch. Criminal.

Any difficulty finding out, let me know and I’ll find out for you.

Email: or phone me: 07795-288490

What if there isn’t a “Bright Futures Branch?

Again, let me know and I’ll put your son/daughter in touch with the Director of Bright Futures. He’ll help set up a branch. Think how that will look on a C.V...

Barry Jackson. Founder Director, Aspire Academy.

P.S. Were you told about Bright Futures by your Careers Advisor? If not, what else were you not told?


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