Let’s grow with Grow2Gether - Thinking of making changes in your life? Today’s British youth are finding ways to empower one another online.


Thinking of making changes in your life? Today’s British youth are finding ways to empower one another online.



Luke Burrows, the founder of Grow2Gether, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneur, considers it his mission to educate, inspire, and advance the human race to be a better version of themselves. 

Back in 2017, Luke immersed himself in personal growth and development resources from books to videos to podcasts and events. It was a massive learning experience for him. He was yearning for more, needing to build a community of people on the same journey.

At that time Luke wasn't surrounded by people who were passionate about personal growth and entrepreneurship. “So the idea struck me and I thought, ‘why not create a community of like-minded people, bringing in young entrepreneurs who are growth-oriented, so we can grow together and basically help each other succeed,” Luke mentioned.

It was a Eureka moment for Luke. He was contemplating building a community around growth-minded people. Ideas such as “We Grow Together”, “Let’s Grow Together”, popped in his head until finally, he decided on using “Grow2Gether”. And he envisioned Grow2Gether’s motto as “Together we can achieve MORE”.



Over the years Grow2Gether evolved into a community helping people raise their own level of consciousness to create a better world and also help them get to a better version of themselves.

Grow2Gether started off focusing its target market on 17 to about 24-year-olds. Now it expanded out to the rest of the twenties and also thirties as well. However, Luke suggested that the content is valuable for anyone, ultimately anyone who is passionate about growing and wants to create their own life.

At Grow2Gether, Luke points out that they have a very strong mission behind what they are doing. 

“We are not necessarily looking for a quick buck. Our sole goal is to provide value to the end consumer. The community is doing what it can to help support one another. I think it is about something bigger than ourselves as well, it is around creating a better world, raising human consciousness and so it is more like a bigger purpose than just what we are doing or the people in the community,” Luke states.

According to Luke, Grow2gether’s role has always been important. “If we focus on growing ourselves, know what we can control and what we can’t control, then times like these wouldn’t shake us that much. That’s why it is about mastering the “you” and living from the inside out ultimately. So a part of that is the process of one raising their own level of consciousness, and always knowing there will be problems in the world or challenges or just noise, and blocking that out so it doesn’t affect you in your day-to-day living. Though sometimes it does, since we are not all that perfect but I think if we live from the outside in, then for me that is very dangerous,” Luke mentions.

“We have to be able to live from the inside out. We have to live from our purpose, our principles, our beliefs. We have to live from how we see the world ultimately, while also being aware of the fact that there will always be challenges. Challenges as they say are opportunities for growth,” Luke further elaborates.

Grow2Gether has a number of different brands. “We are more like a mother hen with her chicks. We are a network of brands that has a common mission of raising humanity’s consciousness to create a better world for the current and future generations and helping to become a better version of themselves,” Luke explains.

Along with Luke, Grow2Gether has a committed team of individuals: Clayton Cassius, the content creator and podcast editor; Chris Ikharo, the email marketing strategist; Viva Andrada O’Flynn in charge of community and communication; and Ricky Taing the website manager.

As with future plans of Grow2Gether, Luke says they have so many plans. “Right now, we are in the process of launching a website, launching a community blog where people can contribute and share their own stories, knowledge, and experiences. We’re also going down the paths of events, so that should be introduced over the course of the summer, and yeah building the podcast collection as well. So those are the things we are working on right now. We’ll keep on innovating as we move forward. Together, we can create a better, more conscious, and awakened world for current and future generations.”

Follow Grow2Gether on social media: Instagram @grow2gether, Facebook Page @grow2getherco. To listen to podcasts, search ‘The Grow2Gether Podcast’ in Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts.


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A personal transformation company raising human consciousness to create a better world.

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