12 Reasons you should be talking about storage south London

People living in south London will admit that part of London is bustling with life and positivity. It is a place with breathtaking views, art museums, and historical buildings. If you live in south London, you must be familiar with the posh brunch spots and the most happening nightclubs.

One thing that has taken south London by storm is the trend of renting a self-storage unit. Hundreds of new storage companies have started business in the last five years due to its undying demand.

People rent out storage units for many reasons, the most popular being shortage of space. Thankfully storage in south London does not cost an arm and a leg. It is quite reasonable when it comes to prices.

People who rent self-storage units do it for various reasons, and you can get some inspiration from the list of reasons below.


If you are thinking about renovating your house, you should look into renting a storage unit. By taking all the things out of the way, you can focus on things that need repair. Storage rents in south London are not exuberant, and you can easily rent a storage unit near your house for a minimal price.

People who want to renovate and remodel their house now the struggle is real. It takes much time and to speed up the process, and you can take out every distraction from the house.


Moving is the number one reason people rent out storage units in south London. Moving is a long process. Sometimes it can take months in selling the house and buy another one. In the transition period, people store all their domestic stuff in storage units to ensure everything remains safe.

If moving to another city or state, you can also get your storage company to deliver everything at your new address. Sounds pretty convenient, right? South London has a plethora of storage companies providing services for moving as well.


Ever discovered a problem in your house plumbing or gas leakage from an unidentified source in your kitchen? You sure need to call the repairman, but first, stop and look around. All sorts of stuff lying around in your house can cause hindrance in work.

You can rent out a storage unit and store the contents of your basement or kitchen in it and get on with repairing. This is a great solution for people who have a small house and no storage space.


People often complain about the shortage of space in their houses. If you got piles of stuff lying around in your house, we think it's time you think about investing in a storage unit. The shortage of space can be tackled by increasing your storage space, that too an affordable price.

A traditional storage unit can easily be stacked with your unused couch, clothes, and accessories. You can also store your tools and appliances in it and get them whenever you need anything.


Are you getting married? We hope you get all the happiness in the world. Wait, are you moving into your spouse's house that is small yet stylish? Well, you can put away all your stuff into a storage unit if you have no other option to store everything.

Each one of us has some baggage, emotional and physical. You can store away your baggage in a reliable storage unit and be worry-free.


Another main reason people rent out storage units in south London is when they have a new-born on the way. Increasing your family may require space. To set a nursery for the little one, you may have to vacate a room.

Worry no more, self-storage London at your rescue once again. You can rent out a storage unit and put away all the stuff you no longer need. This can be a great place to put away hazardous stuff in order to baby-proof the house too.


Are you looking forward to your annual vacation? If you have big plans for travelling, we suggest you vacant your house and store all your domestic stuff in s storage Camden facility. People often rent out storage units for a short period to place their stuff in a secure and safe storage facility.

By doing so, you can save up on paying rent for the empty apartment and enjoy your vacation stress-free.


Many storage companies in south London provide storage facilities exclusively for vehicles. If you are in Camden just for visiting and don't have a place to park your vehicle, you better look into some storage Camden companies with gated storage facilities for cars.

Some people buy motorbikes or sailing ships, but they refrain from parking them outside in the garage due to unsafe neighbourhoods. Storage facilities with vehicle storage are a perfect solution for such people.

Business storage

The self-storage industry has morphed into a social institution by aiding so many people in dire need. One of the most beneficial storage solutions for businesses is provided by south London storage companies.

Business owners rent out storage units and storage warehouses to keep their inventories and merchandise. This practice is affordable as compared to buying out a warehouse. In addition to perfect storage solutions, business owners also enjoy added perks of security and safety.

Hobbies and passion

This may come as a shocker for you, but many people rent out storage units to pursue their hobbies and passions. If you live in a small and compact apartment, try renting out a storage unit to keep all your painting tools, pottery equipment, or gardening tools in it.

Having a safe space for letting out all your pent-up creativity also promotes mental health.

Keeping memorabilia

Do you have some memorabilia or keep-sakes of a relationship that was dear to you? People also need space in tricky situations where a loved one dies, leaving a lot of stuff behind. You can rent out a storage unit and keep everything in it till you decide what to do with everything.

We often have an emotional attachment to stuff that we cannot let go of. A storage unit would be perfect in such a situation.


Offices often face a shortage of space, while they cannot afford to move into a bigger place. Storage units are perfect for keeping official clutter such as files, records, and documents.

Offices can also expand their working space by clearing out the spare room used to store random knickknacks. South London has high real estate prices, and it's better to rent out a storage unit than move into a bigger office.



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