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Guitar find in Cheltenham...

A few weeks ago we received a call from a local teacher who lives in Prestbury, for us to have a look at and value a guitar belonging to her Dad who gave it to her to look after while he was moving house. She looked online for the model and came up with prices of around £5,000 so she asked us to confirm the valuation so she could increase her household insurance.

Guitar 1

She initially sent through some blurry pics taken at a weird angle which looked odd so I said I would need to see it in person to give an accurate valuation. She made an appointment and two weeks later she walked in with this guitar.

I had a good look at it and told her I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is it is in terrible, awful condition, it has bits missing and bits added. It is totally unplayable and will need a complete restoration before it is in a condition to play and even work as an electric guitar. In fact it was one of the worst condition guitars I have ever seen!

The good news is it is an original early 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard aka the ‘Burst’. It is one of the most desirable guitars on the planet and when it is playable, it will be worth around £175,000. There was total stunned silence when I told her this and after a while her face just dropped in disbelief.

Guitar 2

She said her Dad bought it in 1967 for £50 after seeing Eric Clapton play one at the Marquee in London so it has been a pretty good investment. He played it three nights a week up until the 80’s when he stopped playing, put it in a closet and forgot about it until now.

According to the daughter, her Dad just did not believe it and only started to believe what we told her when the money started to appear in their account. The guitar itself is at the moment un-playable and will need a fairly extensive refurbishment and a really good clean before it is playable. It will also require some minor repairs but nothing too drastic. The important things that make the guitar worth that much are still present such as the original finish and the lack of any structural repairs.

There were few of these made (around 1,500) and to find an undiscovered one like this is unheard of - especially right on our front door in Cheltenham.

Guitar 3

A full set of pictures and a technical description can be seen on our website.


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