Bonsai Chi - Exercise for All

Cheltenham, Tewkesbury

Bonsai Chi - Exercise for All


Bonsai Chi is a fusion of flowing and gentle exercise to refresh the mind and body, encouraging you to calm your mind and body, and develop a balanced chi.

The movements in Bonsai Chi are predominately based on the traditional karate style of Wado Ryu, and are practised as slow flowing movements. There is no physical contact with other persons in these classes. You will learn various techniques, standing still, moving forwards, backwards and sideways. Bonsai Chi also has a series of kata’s, otherwise known as forms. These are a series of set moves, which once learnt allows you to perform them at your own pace, creating a sense of wellbeing and inner calm.

  • Physical classes held at Bishops Cleeve and Tewkesbury weekly, also online sessions
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities


Bonsai Chi - Exercise for All


Mindfulness Through Motion
Our classes are designed to help you improve your mindfulness and mental well-being. Gentle breathing exercises and continuous flowing motions allow you to develop an inner ‘chi’ and relax your mind.

The expression ‘Mushin no shin’ (無心の心), is a Zen expression meaning ‘the mind without mind’. Our exercises will allow you to develop an ‘empty mind’, which is not fixed or occupied by thought or emotion, and you will feel yourself flow with the movements without conscious thought.

You will gain many benefits from learning and training with us. Improved balance, flexibility and posture, hand and eye coordination, strengthen and build muscle tissue, stress release and personal development to name a few. It’s also a great way to make new friends.

Class Structure
The movements within our classes will vary each week, however, will include the following elements:

  • Warm Up
  • Key Exercises
  • Kata (or form)
  • Breathing/calming the mind exercises
  • Warm Down


Bonsai Chi - Exercise for All


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Bonsai Chi

Bonsai Chi is a fusion of flowing and gentle exercise, refreshing your mind and body moving in harmony to restful music. Improving balance, flexibility, hand and eye co-ordination, plus many other health benefits.

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