Red Eagle Martial Arts - Wado Ryu Karate


Red Eagle Martial Arts - Wado Ryu Karate


Translating into ‘Way of Peace’ or ‘Way of Harmony', Wado Ryu’s key principles enable you to perform techniques by body management, and not relying on physical strength alone.

Wado Ryu is a traditional Japanese karate style, originating from the island of Okinawa. Its core principles is to move along rather than move against, so you do not require physical strength to perform the techniques. One of the key principles of Wado Ryu is ‘yielding is more effective than strength’. This is not a negative or passive gesture, it demonstrates that instead of relying on strength alone, by ‘yielding’ we can position ourselves in a stronger position.

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Red Eagle Martial Arts - Wado Ryu Karate


Wa - harmony  |  Do - way  |  Ryu - style

"Karate" denotes "empty hand", indicating no weapons are used. A key element of Wado Ryu is using tai sabaki, which translates into body management. This system allows everybody, of all abilities and physicality, to be able to execute the technique effectively.

Class Structure
The content of the class will vary each week, but will include the following:

Basics or fundamentals – this is where you’ll learn the basic techniques, how to execute them, and why you must perform them in a certain way

This is where you put the techniques you learn into practise with a partner. There are many forms of partner work which is practised, but the aim is to executive the techniques effectively with a partner, gaining a better understanding of our kihon practise

This is a pre-determined form of moves which is practised in solo form. Each move within a kata is a combative move, and the application of the moves are practised with a partner so we can understand why we’re performing the technique in a certain way

To be able to understand the technique and to be able to execute it correctly, our training includes all of the above, as each element teaches us key components which improves them all.


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Red Eagle Martial Arts

Red Eagle Martial Arts is a club teaching the traditional karate style Wado Ryu. We provide a fun, safe environment for the entire family to learn and develop.

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