Studio 10 | PILATES & FITNESS - Located in Fairview, Cheltenham.


Experts in Pilates, Fitness, and Stretch. 

Helping you with the Core Elements to Build a Strong Foundation.

At Studio 10 we specialize in Matwork Pilates, this is a unique type of exercise that strengthens your muscles whilst improving your flexibility. So it’s perfect for toning and shaping your body while promoting great posture and preventing injury.
We are both reaching 50 and are in the best shape of our life, and promise the key is doing less of the right thing.

So if you’re a beginner to exercise or more advanced, our classes can transform not only how your body looks but how it feels too!

How can we help you

Do you have a goal but just don’t know how to achieve it?
Do you want to exercise more but don’t enjoy going to the gym?
We will give you the best direction and guidance in every class to make sure you get results and have a great work out! 

Who are we

Classes are taught by ourselves, the owners . We hold the highest level quality & professional teaching credentials and have an impressive portfolio of Body Work Education spanning 20 years each!

Studio 10 | PILATES & FITNESS - Located in Fairview, Cheltenham.   Studio 10 | PILATES & FITNESS - Located in Fairview, Cheltenham.

Close to 50 and being in the best shape of our lives. We would attribute this to doing less of the right thing.


What classes do we offer

We run Virtual Classes, Outside Fitness, Pre Recorded Lessons, and Private Training. We are hoping to see a return to small group classes very soon.


  • Pilates
    We offer classes that are suitable for all levels and ability and endeavor to innovate our Pilates classes so that you enjoy coming and look forward to your class every week!
    Offering Mixed Ability, Gentle, and Dynamic Pilates.
  • Stretch Therapy
    Stretch Therapy is a wonderful system that facilitates deep stretching, neural re-patterning, and fascial tension release. Stretch Therapy works with the neurological systems of the body to take away apprehension that ultimately leads to limitations in the body.
    Stretch Therapy is the safest most effective way to improve your flexibility and remap the body for better movement.
  • Fitness Classes
    Are you bored of the gym?

    We will meet you were ever you are on you journey . We have nailed the key components of fitness and will help you reach your goals.
    We offer TRX Training, Early Morning HITT on Virtual , Saturday Bootcamp at Cheltenham Cricket Club with an Intro Level Bootcamp for those wanting technique advice and adaptations or want some Outside fitness more suitable for beginners.


Please check our website for more detailed information.


Please do go and have a look at our website and get in touch if you have any Questions.



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Studio 10 Pilates

Studio 10 Pilates is located in the heart of Fairview community, Cheltenham. With its soft lighting, oak floors and warm welcome is immensely inviting.  Owners Lisa and Seth have over 40 years of combined experience in body work, and at the centre of such a wealth of expertise comes consideration and compassion.

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