Level 2- find your purpose, align your life!


11 - 12 July 2019

Time: 10 - 5pm




What's involved?

Having studied Reiki Level 1, you will have learnt about Reiki energy, experienced sensing it, and practised it certainly on yourself and perhaps on others regularly. Your chakras were opened in an attunement process, and you are now open to channelling Reiki.
In Reiki 2, you will have your chakras re-awakened in another attunement. This time, the symbols for Reiki energy will be given to you. Once you have received them they are with you for life.
Due to these symbols you will experience an increase in your ability to channel energy, which will lead to a heightened awareness of your intuitive abilities. This will help you to clear your own personal energy and also when you learn to employ new techniques for healing, such as scanning and beaming.
You will ask spiritual beings to help you in your work, and you can now develop greater
knowledge and insight about your own spirit guides and helpers.
You will learn about distance healing and the different ways in which you can send Reiki to
someone who is not present. There is also an emotional/mental clearing technique you will
find helpful.
As with Reiki 1, a certain amount of self-healing and clearing will take place, perhaps leading to minor physical symptoms such as sore throat, headache or cold-like symptoms.
These are signs of physical cleansing. You might experience emotional cleansing too,
maybe crying or laughing unexpectedly. Some Reiki masters stipulate a 21 day cleansing period after each attunement, but I do not believe that this is an absolute time period for everyone as we all have different life experiences to deal with.


More details about Level 2- find your purpose, align your life! (External Link)


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