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Acquire ALL The Clients You Want WITHOUT Being Marketing Or Sales Ninja!


5 July 2019

Time: 09:30 – 15:30pm


Acquire ALL The Clients You Want WITHOUT Being Marketing Or Sales Ninja!


If you are a Results-Driven Entrepreneur, who wants to accelerate your INCOME, EFFECTIVENESS, and IMPACT WITHOUT adding to your current workload, you need to know how to create a CLIENTS ON DEMAND Acquisition system.

Unfortunately, almost to a man, most "Marketing Gurus" are perpetuating the myth that if you buy the particular tactic that they are selling, all your problems will be solved.

Here at The Wisdom Works, 35 years of running a successful business, working with 100's of clients, conducting 1000's of coaching, consultancy & training hours and being intrinsic in 10's of millions of £'s in sales, has taught us differently.

We know that THE ONLY WAY you can achieve your desired income/effectiveness and impact, is to implement a SIMPLE MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY and a CONSISTENT PLAN to execute it.

Now the challenge with that is, you would rather be focusing on what you do best, getting great results or transformations for your clients or be out securing new deals or contracts for your business instead of learning to be a Marketing or Sales Ninja ( we know how you feel)

That's why we are delivering this LIVE Interactive Workshop to enable you to map out a specific strategy to acquire all the ideal clients you need which you can put into action immediately without having to resort to any ninja shenanigans.



1. WHAT exactly IS THE PROBLEM you solve for your perfect prospect? And BTW is not what you think it is! If you can't articulate this in your communications so it's instantly recognisable to those who know they have that problem, you will continue to be your profession's best-kept secret. Transform your marketing from VAGUE TO PRECISE.

2. WHO is your PERFECT PROSPECT? The surest way to ensure your success is to work with those who know they have THE problem that you solve and they are READY WILLING AND ABLE to purchase your products or services right now. It's also ESSENTIAL to know who you don't want to work with. Learn how to segment your marketing to exactly the right prospects. Not only will this transform your sales but also your service delivery from EXHAUSTING TO EFFORTLESS.

3. WHAT is the PROCESS you use to deliver Red Hot Perfect Prospects into your Sales Calls or Appointments? Learn how to fill up you Calender, Orderbook, Workshops, Training, Courses or Consultancy Practice ( and bank account) with High-Value Clients and Customers. Transform from ERRATIC INCOME to PREDICABLE PROFITS.

4. WHAT'S the PLAN to put it into action? We know with the best will in the world without a plan of action it's unlikely anything will change. However, with a working plan, you can go from SCATTERGUN ACTIVITIES TO LASER FOCUSED EXECUTION



The Greenway Hotel & Spa
GL51 4UG


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