Allonus - Holistic Therapy Training


Healing and practitioner training for a better tomorrow.

Allonus - Holistic Therapy Training

Holistic training and insights into the world around and within us.

Allonus Ltd was founded by Joy Wisdom in 2007 to provide education, training and publications for new natural therapies. Joy is an author, clinical practitioner, experienced healer and teacher, mum of two and grandmother to one.


Allonus - Holistic Therapy Training

LiGHt Healing

LiGHt Healing is a new support programme and healing modality that helps to protect, reduce negative emotion and provide new skills for the Aquarian Age. It is the new high vibrational healing tool for the Aquarian age.

The programme focuses on intensive and interactive healing training from Quan Yin & Hilarion where Diamond lnguz Light healing techniques are learnt and practiced.

Training starts with Diamond lnguz Light healing providing a two-part healing technique for the New Kids generation (Indigos, Crystals and LiGHtworkers), sensitive people who embody high vibrational gossamer energy on the planet. Subtle and powerful tools are learnt to help rebalance spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues and disorders. The programme includes new skills on protection, grounding and how to use new system approaches to healing, including Selenite techniques.

Learn about and enjoy the Golden light bodywork techniques - with reconnection and healing tools for all ages and disorders.

Further training is available in the Opalescence, Omni and Atlantean New Kids courses, for those students that complete the Diamond Inguz level.

Are you fed up with life? Jettison the past for a new venture, new opportunities and new lease of life, set yourself free with D.A.R.E. We no longer have to complete the circle of limitation from our Lineage and Culture, we can embrace new opportunities and enjoy the journey. Start a new chapter of life, write on the clean page instead of fire fighting from the past.

D.A.R.A - Dissolve and Resolve Emotions

D.A.R.E is a NEW revolutionary 'Body-Mind' therapy with a cutting edge approach to health, psychological disorders and emotional impacts. A practitioners intuitive, dynamic approach to health and psychological issues. Joy Wisdom the founder of D.A.R.E, has recognised that people carry emotional and spiritual wounds. Weaved with absorption and inheritance passed on from the womb and early conditioning. Trauma and emotional impacts can be imprinted on an energetic and cellular level, which can be at the core of ill health and lack of wellbeing.

Global Specialist

Global Specialist courses are part of the LiGHt Healing track and are available to those who have completed Levels 1 & 2 (Diamond Inguz and Opalescence). Enhanced energy is key for clearing on Gaia. Global Reach events use this energy to target fast action and jettison historical deposits that wound and limit humanity and our planet.

Joy is honoured to teach her skills to others and has taken many groups to far flung places around the world, including:

  • Egypt
  • Europe
  • United States
  • South Africa
  • Greece
  • Baltics


  • Books
  • Crystals
  • Music & Video


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Holistic Therapy Training

Healing and practitioner training for a better tomorrow.



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