Bleaching the Tea Spoons - A poem by Guy Hunter


Here is a fab lockdown poem writen by Guy Hunter.

Guy who has been living in Cheltenham for 20 years is currently a first responder working for a retirement development in the Park area.  Guy is also an occasional poet, has won a number of competitions and had his work performed at the Everyman Theatre and the Cheltenham Literature Festival.


Bleaching the Tea Spoons

I’m having a bit of a sort out and it’s on my list
‘Energising jobs to relieve the boredom.’
That plus shed and garage clearance, weeding and sweeping
the driveway, who’d of thought that was a job even!

Locked down, locked in and locked up.  Slowly going
insane and running out of things to do.  I’ve been completing
one room, or a bit of a room at a time.  Quite ashamed at the mess
and have made mental note to do this more often.  As if.

The initial worry over toilet paper was abated early on
after discovering three packets of Yuletide napkins.
Reminded oneself that the joy of Christmas brings many things
including the luxury of quilted 4 ply tissue.

I’ve been advised by my neighbour to take up a new hobby,
or practise something I’m not very good at.  Running and jump
spring to mind.  She herself is learning piano but is only up to
Frere Jacques.  I’m building a case for justifiable homicide.

Back on the home front, I found 3 tins of prunes
in the kitchen cupboard, discomfited between the sauerkraut
and pilchards.  All surprisingly in date and probably bought
on account of medicinal health benefits – but not yet required.

In the attic, things I hadn’t lost after all and books.  I expect
you know all about them and yes, I’ll get around to reading them
one day.  I swapped the books over with clothes from the spare room
and found enough clobber to swathe the town in fabric.

In the bathroom, potions and bottles of tricks - not quite up to the job
and enough cologne to sink the fleet.  So that just leaves the sock
drawer and the tea spoons.  All very well and good... but none of this
fully explains the three tins of prunes in the kitchen cupboard.



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