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Be Your Future Self Now Virtual Event


We all envision or dream of “becoming a better version of ourselves” and still, many of us – feel stagnant or even falling back at times. How come?

Some of us wait for the external circumstances to change or to make us feel good, but can we really count on external factors? What does this do? And what happens if it is not happening?

In this 3-part course, you will enquire inwardly and discover your intuitive guidance, and strengthen the conscious connection to your innate navigation tools.


To look at this even more honestly, which are the reasons that we are so resistant to actually step into our full potential. Why do we have so many conditions for what feels “good” and “powerful”?!

Are you afraid of being powerful beyond measure, as Nelson Mandela said in his speech?

It’s very clear for the entire population, that there is a never-ending wheel that we often play our lives in, running and running and chasing and striving. I call it our “hamster wheel”.  What if we are to stop this, step aside, and look?

What happens if we stop chasing the dream outside and look with an internal and honest gaze at “you”. With will and discernment, we have the opportunity to look at ourselves and rediscover what our relationship to ourselves and Life is.

In discovering the presence of your natural self, you have a choice. You can live from a loving wholeness – from here, choices, actions, desires, and all life’s movements can happen – but no longer is your happiness dependent upon circumstance.

You are living in presence and with presence, things can shift. At a Glance Question: What keeps you in the hamster wheel? Learn to use your own intuitive compass Participants will gain Redefine who you are Experience using your innate nature powers consciously – your navigation tools Step into your Future Self, Now!

As leaders, changemakers and human beings we want to lead and be at our fullest potential. We feel deep inside, that playing small does not serve Life. However, it is all too often easy to fall back into the traps of our social conditioning.

Nevertheless, we all have had the experience in one moment or another, that when we go slower, take time for now, live more consciously, we seem to become more peaceful, and in a kind of flow. With it, new perspectives and new pathways open suddenly.

To truly change things, we have to live this. To live the very connection with ourselves, no matter the circumstance.

In this course, we will also enquire into questions such as:

What would love do now? How would strength live? How does greatness look?

Nature has equipped us with the most incredible innate power tools. Once consciously connected, we can become the future vision of ourselves, right now, instead of living as a record to our past. We are able to change our energy constantly and that energy allows us to change our environment. And when we liberate ourselves, our presence automatically liberates others.

Time & Dates

This course will run on Wednesdays – 10, 17, 24 March at 4:00-5:30 pm. To convert to any other time zones please click here.


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