History of Science


History of Science

Some 10 years ago I ran a popular History of Science course which ranged from Aristotle to Einstein over a period of about 4 years. It formed a useful bridge between Arts & Science, as I taught it mainly through the biographies of the scientists. A revised version of this course was started again in April 2017 with lectures at monthly intervals. (No previous science knowledge is required.)

The meetings are held on Friday mornings (10.30 am to 12 noon) at Matson Baptist Church Hall, Matson Avenue, Gloucester. (GL4 6LA)

As well as studying the evolution of scientific ideas, theories and discoveries we also consider the interactions with philosophy and religion. Some experiments are performed. Extensive notes are issued of each session and sometimes there is optional homework and even the occasional test. We shall also arrange some visits to places of scientific interest. (Last time we went to The Royal Institution.)

The 30 or so people who attended the previous course found it stimulating and fun and they were able to answer a few more questions on University Challenge.

I felt there was a need for more U3A science and maths courses in an age where we all rely so heavily on technology, but many of us haven’t a clue how even the simplest machine works, let alone the science behind it.

About 25 people attend these meetings, and having started with the Ancient Greeks, we are currently (Nov. 2017) about to enter the 15c and early 16c. If you miss a session or want to join the course in the middle, the detailed notes issued after each session will enable you to catch up.

John Thorn. (01452-616326)

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Dates & Times: Friday a.m.


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