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When it comes to business planning, some companies or brands may solely count on advertising yet neglect to include public relations, one of the most cost-effective methods in raising their awareness. Whether you’re part of global company or SME or are a sole trader, the power of PR can bring significant benefits, not only helping to enhance your profile, but also to grow stronger relationships with clients or customers as well as attract new ones.


So, you or your marketing department have placed an ad in a main trade magazine which won’t have come cheap. You’ve flicked through the latest issue and seen your company there in all its printed glory, waiting for the orders to come flooding in. After all, you expect some instant return on your investment, surely?

Indeed, you may have since generated a business lead on the back of the ad that more than covered the cost of it, but the chances are, you’re probably still waiting for that conversion. Be warned; you may be waiting longer still.

When anyone wants to promote or market themselves, advertising is often considered the main, if not the only option, with PR often overlooked. Why?  Advertising is encountered on a daily basis so we’re more familiar with it, but many are unaware of the role that PR plays in the articles, features or news stories they read, whether in print or online. Public relations is often less expensive than advertising, and can be extremely valuable to a business.  Companies often get more ‘bang for their buck’ when combining PR with advertising, particularly when on tight budgets and especially within a competitive landscape where most businesses have to fight hard to maintain their stronghold.

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PR improves media placement for multiple businesses and brands; many businesses and the people running them – the faces behind the name - have a unique story to tell, which makes them interesting to the media and in turn, its audience (i.e. your market!). Case studies are great examples of free third-party endorsements – after all, what’s more effective than a customer singing a company’s praise for giving great levels of service or providing the right solution for their needs?

It’s this credibility boost that can help secure further partnerships, customers and funding, for both parties. Good PR also increases visibility, not just in print but also through the many digital channels, an essential prerequisite now. For instance, an article on an online news outlet, a video clip posted online, or a press release distributed to web outlets – all of these provide valuable inbound links to your website that increases its rank in Google, besides generating content for social media use to increase your Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook following.

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To harness the power of PR involves a well-tuned strategy that should always include timely content-driven campaigns in the media. An agency will always have access to every key publication’s editorial calendar for the year ahead, in order to create opportunities that tie in with any seasonal messaging around Christmas or the summer holidays for example. This is often referred to as a ‘hook’ – it offers the readership something topical and informative while at the same time helping to position a brand, business or individual as a ‘go to’ expert in the market.

In essence, public relations is about building reputation gradually over time. Reputation is often regarded as a business’ most valuable asset – so much so, that many rate it considerably higher than they do a company's financial performance.

Surely then, it goes without saying that for any business, where customer reputation is king, it’s time to invest in some PR?

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