Ed's Easy Diner Review - Video

Gloucester Quays

This classic American-styled 50's diner offers a truly unique experience. Everything you dream of is here and more. From huge burgers, tasty dogs, fluffy pancakes and thick shakes, to a hearty breakfast menu, what more could you ask for?

Sat in amongst the retro decor you are thrown back to a time when all things really were easy, laid back and relaxing. The staff are accomodating, friendly and swift, so expect fast food, but without any compromise on quality. There's a real feel of "homemade", cared-for catering and you can see the chef flip the patties right in front of you.

This is a menu that requires multiple trips, as you want to work your way right down the list. BIG BUBBA'S BACON N'CHEESE is a must and is a handheld feast, with fresh ingredients that make the mouth water before the first bite. The DE-LUXE PULLED PORK DOG is another dish not to miss and unifies texture and tenderness perfectly. A nice alternative that is highly recommended is the SWEET POTATO FRIES, as they offset the savoury flavours of the meal... sweetly.

Whether in for a quick sip of a shake or to take on a 'Man v Food' type challenge with yourself, this beautifully nostalgic restaurant will have you coming back again and again.


Martin Tucker


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