Suicide Crisis - a safe place where you will be supported and helped through your crisis


About Suicide Crisis


Our Suicide Crisis Centres offer a safe place where you will be supported and helped through your crisis. We have a team of dedicated, caring, well-trained people who really want to help.

We provide face to face crisis support. Our new Centre is open 24 hours a day for people at high risk of suicide.

We can offer help at:

– The Suicide Crisis Centre

– The Trauma Centre

The charity’s founder is a survivor of suicidal crisis. She set up the charity in 2012 because she couldn’t find the type of help she needed. She saw what was lacking in terms of services and support, especially for people who are suicidal because of a traumatic experience.

All our initiatives come from a perspective of lived experience. Our services have evolved to provide what our clients say they want and need. However we are not providing peer support. We have a team specifically trained to undertake crisis support.

Although we are open to anyone who is feeling suicidal, we have a particular commitment to supporting people whose crisis has been triggered by a traumatic experience or experiences.

A small team of dedicated, caring, well-qualified individuals will support you.  By ensuring that only a small number of team members work with you, we can really get to know you. This allows us to build trust, and offer continuity.  Our approach is based on empathy, care and kindness.

We recognise that you are an individual and that the amount and type of crisis support that you need is unique to you.

We can continue to help as you move out of crisis into recovery.

Our team members have counselling skills training and suicide intervention skills training, but we are providing crisis support, not counselling. All of our team members are qualified, experienced, BACP-accredited counsellors, though, apart from one. Our team has access to a number of advisers, including an advising psychiatrist and a lead clinician of a psychological therapies service. However, our psychiatrist (and other advisers) do not work directly with clients – they advise us, when we need specialist information and advice about client issues. We never reveal the name of a client, when we seek advice from our NHS specialists/advisers.

The charity has two parts – the Suicide Crisis Centre and the Trauma Centre.  A lot of the work  at the Trauma Centre is about early intervention, because people who experience trauma-related conditions (such as PTSD and dissociation) are at higher risk of self-harm and suicide.


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Suicide Crisis

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