VIDEOS OF TALKS AT #CHELTNETWORKING: Each week we have a 10 Minute Hot Slot Speaker and here are a selection of the talks...


A selection of the talks from the 10 Minute Hot Slot at #CheltNetworking.

We meet every week on Zoom at 11am on Thursdays and you can find out more here:


Kyla Skinner CheltNetworking Talk - Dare to be Different - Add personality & impact to your writing




#CheltNetworking - Online Networking including "Tips on choosing a charity" by Julie Kent MBE

Julie Kent MBE, Founder of Emily's Gift, supporting children with cancer in Gloucestershire, talks about her tips on choosing a charity at #CheltNetworking on Zoom in June 2023.




#CheltNetworking on Zoom - Gerald Crittle: 10 Minute Hot Slot talk called "Selling your Hobby" from Gerald Crittle, Gloucestershire artist. He explains how he makes his artwork and where he sells it a the #CheltNetworking on Zoom meeting in June 2023.



#CheltNetworking on Zoom - Wendy Lavender. Libby Lavender Cotswolds sell Luxury Scented candles and diffusers. Fragrances to scent each room by season and mood. Wendy Lavender talks about how & why she set up the business in a talk titled "Scent your space" at #CheltNetworking on Zoom.
We meet every week at 11am on Zoom. More details



#Cheltnetworking on Zoom - Kaye King Marketing Mentor 10 Minute Hot Slot "Networking Without Tears"



Rhian Jones, from Seasonal Soul Home, talks to the #CheltNetworking group: How to Use Colour in your Business to Create Sales



Rebecca Hunt from Firestarter told us all about the Help To Grow scheme, which is 90% funded by the government and headed up by University of Gloucestershire. Watch the video to find out more about how it could work for you.




Martin Hill from Sandler, West Midlands doing the 10 Minute Hot Slot Talk

The buyer/seller dance: Whose systems are you following? Martin Hill from Sandler, West Midlands, talks about sales, clients and prospecting for 15 minutes at the #CheltNetworking on Zoom session.


#CheltNetworking 10 Minute Hot Slot with Phil Joseph from The Human Business.

Phil Joseph and Terry Malloy run The Human Business and here Phil talks about ‘The case for putting human into business’ for his 10 Minute Hot Slot at our weekly #CheltNetworking on Zoom meeting.



#CheltNetworking 10 Minute Hot Slot with Neil Martin, ActionCoach, talking about The Point of Power.

Neil Martin talks about fixed and growth mentality; if you want a better quality of life, get better habits; BE x DO = HAVE and much more, squashed into just over 10 minutes.



Linda O'Brien from Gloucestershire Constabulary talks about volunteering for the police, becoming a special constable and all the other roles you can do.

(Whoops! Belinda forgot to put it onto speaker view!)


Ashley Spencer from The Good Racing Co spoke about the launch of their company that supports charities through the sponsorship of racehorses.






At the #CheltNetworking event, which is run by on zoom weekly, Julius Marstrand highlighted some of the issues around the A & E departments in Cheltenham and Gloucester, Gloucestershire.






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