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Murder in the Dark


Venue: Everyman Theatre

Jealousy, conspiracy, and old family feuds are intertwined with supernatural spookiness in Murder in the Dark, starring Strictly Come Dancing champion Tom Chambers.

Chambers acts gamely as the awkward, jealous alcoholic Danny Sierra (real name Nigel) who, after a sudden car crash, finds himself stranded in a cabin in the woods with several estranged family members.


The dynamics between Danny, his sibling William, and his son Jake are the most interesting and deeply explored, though his interactions with long lost love Rebecca and current girlfriend Sarah are also rich with drama.

Stealing the show, however, is Mrs Bateman, played incredibly by Coronation Street’s Susie Blake. Her comedic timing and stage presence made her an audience favourite right from her first scene. Blake adapts to the changing tone of the show very well - kindly and welcoming one minute, but sharp and keen the next.



The characters' interpersonal conflicts are woven together by an overarching supernatural mystery. The horror scenes are sparing, but when they hit they really make an impact, with the eerie set design and haunting sound effects spooking the audience, sometimes with just the suggestion of horror lurking beneath the surface.



Please note that there are bright flashing lights during this performance, as well as bright lights on the actors' phones pointed at times at the audience. Due to the themes and horror elements, the recommended age rating is 14+.

We were delighted to see Murder in the Dark at the incredible Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. The show runs from 5th-9th March, so get your tickets now!

Review by Leah



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