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Venue: Holiday Inn

What is business networking and what do you get from it? These are some of the questions the so many business owners and entrepreneurs ask. Finding a local event in Cheltenham, it was a great chance to find out an answer.

From Eventbrite, CheltNetworking had an event that was to be held at Holiday Inn Express, Cheltenham 5.30-7.30 pm, Thursday 27th April.



Booking my spot, I turned up on time and at the back of the hotel, beyond the bar the Networking group had taken the whole dining area. A small £15 entry fee (half donated to the charity of the meetings choice) was asked for, but as there was food and drink available, a Networking group that fed and watered you, I thought was well worth it.



There was a huge banner promoting Emily’s Gift Charity, a raffle and free massage treatments, there was a lot going on. As more and more people arrived it became clear that this was a bunch of local business people who were all there to support, meet and greet new business contacts, as well as have some fun and enjoy themselves.



The host and organiser for the evening, Belinda Wilson brought the group together, we took seats with plates of food in front of us and tucked in whilst we took it in turns to stand up and give an elevator pitch, for our own business to the group.


CheltNetworking 55

CheltNetworking 66


The founder Emily’s Gift charity, Julie Kent gave a passionate and inspiring talk about her charity and what her plans were for the coming year.


CheltNetworking 77


After the talk, we all had a further opportunity to network, eat, chat and find common ground with others for a continued discussion after the event.


CheltNetworking 44


The event was a lot of fun, the coming together of like-minded people who all want to share a success was well worth the small investment/donation, I walked away smiling with a raffle prize, plus the event raised over £400 for Emily’s Gift.
If you want to experience the next group meeting, as they meet once a month in differing venues and their events can be found online on Eventbrite or through GlosInfo.

Carl Jones


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