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REVIEW: The Good Life at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham


The Good Life at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham

Do you remember the suburban ecowarrier Goods and social climbing Leadbetters? The good news is that they are back! In a delightful theatrical reimagining of the much loved TV sitcom, The Good Life is brought to the stage for the first time and with it fond memories and lots of laughs. I was really pleased to have the opportunity to watch it this week at The Everyman Cheltenham and loved every single second!

Starring award winning actor, presenter and comedian Rufus Hound as Tom, West End television and film star Preeya Kalidas as Margo, Dominic Rowan as Jerry and Sally Tatum as Barbara, The Good Life on stage is undoubtedly a really good watch. What could be more marvellous than maintaining the Surbiton status quo whilst living next door to the south east equivalent of the Hillbillies- and still stay firm friends?


REVIEW: The Good Life at The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham


I was only little when the series aired in the 80s but I felt all warm and tingly inside upon hearing familiar lines as The Goods swapped their 9 to 5’s for a life of self sufficiency much to the horror of their suburban neighbours.

What made The Good Life even more enjoyable in my particular case was the realisation that I am the absolute epitome of Margo. I loved all the characters but must admit that Preeya as Margo (aka Maria) was just a joy to watch. I couldn’t help but giggle at her desire to keep up appearances, the way she does not 'chivvy' but ‘encourages’ long suffering husband Jerry and that her most favourite things include ‘a weekend in Paris.’ This would be on my list too!

There was a clever use of lighting, staging and sound to mark different scenes and a well-designed chic kitchen set complete with hostess trolley and serving hatch. This coupled with hilarious and endearing capers perfectly befitting the classic TV series rendered The Good Life on stage a heartwarming trip down memory lane. Where else could you spend time with a naughty goat and a poorly piglet whilst eating lots of special poppy seed cake and enjoying the best of homemade peapod wine in a dinner party like no other?

Themes explored within the play seem more relevant than ever in our post pandemic society with an increased awareness of sustainability and an understanding of what is really important. Doing work we don’t like for things we don’t want or living the dream as we up sticks and move to the country in our desire for a simpler, more sufficient life.

I have to beg to differ with anyone who feels that The Good Life has lost the plot on stage. It’s a breath of fresh country air and if you get chance to watch it then life is far more than just good, ‘it’s wonderful.’

Adapted and directed by Jeremy Sams and based on the television series by John Esmonde and Bob Larbey. It is on at the Everyman Theatre until Saturday 23rd October. Don’t miss out, book your tickets now.

Review by Lady Janey


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