BadAss Tools - The Home of the Kite Shovel

BadAss Tools - The Home of the Kite Shovel


Brief history, Our Vision & Mission

This will be the first of many tools that we would like to introduce to the UK, there will be video demonstrations to show how each tool works and reviews from people in the UK who have used them.  Eventually this site will become a demonstration platform where tools from all over the world will be shared.  England will benefit from tools that only Spain has and Spain will benefit from tools that only England has, repeating this "cross-sharing" with other countries throughout the world"

Uses of the tool.

It is mainly a "drop & drag" action tool and widely used in other countries for mixing cement or concrete in a wheel barrow instead of using a standard shovel which, after you have used this, will seem slow and cumbersome.  It is also great for digging trenches in soft ground, clearing sites of rubble and is a general all-round handy tool to have in your van, tractor, shed or site.  We have carried out a market validation and got very good feedback, now it's up to you to get your hands on one and see for yourself!


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