Everyone has a story. What's yours?


Besides promoting the technology behind some of our clients’ products and services, we as PR specialists are always seeking the human story behind the brand or business. This is what culturally resonates within us and this is what sells. People buy people, as the old adage goes, and we believe it to be true. While there are many reasons why people buy certain products – it could be quality, cost or convenience, to name three from an endless list - we don’t usually buy from people we dislike.

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To give you an example, we've been writing about the latest wiper blade technology for a good while now on behalf of one of our clients, but one thing that struck us the most was the story behind the humble wiper blade. It was one we came across by complete accident; rather like the invention itself.

In 1903, Mary Anderson, a woman from Birmingham, Alabama made a storm-stricken trip to New York City in a trolley car. Due to the driver having difficulty seeing through the sleet and snow – visibility was only possible either by removing the snow and sleet off the windshield or sticking his head out the window while driving - Mary started thinking about how the driver could stay warm inside the vehicle without worrying about the snow piling up on his windshield. As soon as she returned home, she started working on her idea for the first windshield wipers.

It wasn’t long before she was awarded her patency for a ‘window cleaning device for electric cars and other vehicles to remove snow, ice or sleet from the window’.

We’re not saying that you have to be an inventor or change people’s lives to get your story told. You might simply have an ambition to offer business apprenticeships as you believe in investing in younger talent; you may have built your business from a corner of your bedroom, or perhaps the industry you’re in is simply in your blood. It’s all human interest and it’s what could re-connect you to your audience while at the same time introduce you to a bigger one.

And if you don’t feel that you have an interesting enough story to tell?

Just give us a call at Contenta on 07787 505963 or send an email to hello@contentaservices.co.uk, and we’ll help you find yours!
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