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REVIEW: Snow White at the Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury until 31st December 2022

Roses Theatre panto Snow White

Snow White at The Roses is a riot of festive fun for the whole family! It is based on the tradition tale from the brothers Grimm but has some modern twists. One of the main ones is the introduction of Reflexa.

“Who is Reflexa?” I hear you ask. Well imagine what your smart speaker Alexa might be like if she was integrated into a mirror. And if the Reflexa only told the truth so might need some hacking to keep the queen happy…

Then of course you need the miners who the evil queen bosses around. Well, they are a variant of Minions that are called Scallions. The young people who played the Scallions really were excellent at their dancing, singing and lines. Many hours of rehearsal must have gone in from them.

There was all the usual panto action too; think slapstick, innuendo, interaction with the audience (watch out if you sit in the front row!), sing along and a hilarious rewriting of Twelve Days of Christmas with lots of fun props!

Roses Theatre panto Snow White

We were lucky enough to catch up with Maurice Gran, one of the writers who is best known for co-writing tv sitcoms Birds of Feather and Goodnight Sweetheart.

“This it’s the second Panto I have cowrottea and it I was a bit easier as I had more of an idea as to what I was doing.
Nick Wilkes helped but he is currently on tour with Blood Brothers.
He came up with some really good ideas like the mirror mirror on the wall is now Reflexa the smart mirror.
And also we have sort of modernised it."

Maurice is keen to encourage people to watch (and join in with) Snow White "Come and see the Panto and support the Roses. The theatre didn’t get any money out of the Arts Council in the recent round of funding and the theatre is a really important part of the town. The panto can go well and make money to support other activities such as the youth theatre, the bingo and other community events. For a huge number of people their first ever experience is for the Panto."

And as a write he concludes with "There is nothing as satisfying as being in a full theatre when you have a production in!"

So, get over to The Roses before 31st December 2022 to satisfy the writers and give yourself a jolly good couple of hours of entertainment with some real belly laughs!

Roses Theatre panto Snow White


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