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Sunny Warbout

Ashtanga Primary Series is also called Yoga Chikitsa, meaning Yoga therapy, because of the cleansing and toning effect it has on both body and mind. The Primary Series is an inward practise, noticing the body and stepping away from what goes on around you to find stillness in your mind and to focus on your breath. 


Sunny will guide you through the Ashtanga Primary series which is suitable for beginners and the more advanced practitioners. 


You will learn to follow a set sequence of postures (Asanas) building strength, flexibility and endurance in the physical body. It also realigns, loosens tight muscles and detoxifies the body and nervous system.


 Through regular practise, on a mental level, it improves the focus, willpower, mind body awareness and confidence to overcome the mental obstacles in our practise.


 On a subtle level the Primary Series helps with clearing the energy channels in the body (Nadis) which allows the breath (Prana) to flow freely through the body allowing the mind and body to connect.


 Ashtanga is a dynamic practise but practising it in a mindful way by synchronising the breath count (Ujjayi breath - victorious breath) and the movement of the body it will become a moving meditation. The energy released will connect you with your own beautiful personal practise and with the fellow Yogis around you. 


This class will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and uplifted in body, mind and soul.

Sunny is a qualified Advanced Yoga Teacher registered with International Yoga Alliance E-RYT. 

​Sunny is also a Certified Senior Shantiseva Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Ashtanga and Bhakti Teacher registered with the Shantiseva Yoga Institute based in Whistler, Canada. With over 4000 hours of training completed, she still continues to evolve and deepen her own personal practice.

​She is founder and owner of Sunny Devi Yoga based in Cheltenham, UK. She serves her students with classes, workshops, training and retreats.

These sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays currently. *Please note from September 2024 sessions will be on Tuesdays and Saturdays*

Please bring your own Yoga mat if you wish, there are spare if you don’t have one of your own. Props for the practice are provided.

To book your place please go to:

All “drop in” classes cost £14 or Studio Class Pass £50 (four in person classes valid for four weeks)

30-07-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
03-09-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
10-09-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
17-09-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
24-09-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
07-09-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
14-09-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
21-09-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
28-09-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
01-10-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
08-10-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
15-10-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
22-10-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
29-10-2024 - 6.30PM - 7.45PM
05-10-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
12-10-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
19-10-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM
26-10-2024 - 9.30AM - 10.45AM


More details about ASHTANGA - PRIMARY SERIES (External Link)


The Isbourne

The Isbourne is a hub of wellbeing and spiritual development, running a variety of inspirational courses, workshops and talks throughout the year.

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