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These days, whenever you speak to an American, it seems there’s always an elephant in the room with a very large Trump - sorry, trunk.

Although Reginald D Hunter has now lived over here for 15-odd years, he is still from across the Pond and feels duty bound to join other fellow countrymen in exposing the shortcomings – and there are many – of the 45th president of the USA.

He admits that the election in November of Donald Trump hit him like a 10-ton truck, adding: “When it happened, it took me two weeks just to get out of bed. I thought, ‘What’s the point of anything? The law? Sex? Jokes?’ It made me feel so down. Not because I was scared of his economic policies or his out-there views.

“No, I was scared by thinking, ‘what does this mean for humanity? At this point, we thought we were pretty smart, but if people can be so easily duped and pitted against each other, are we really any better than cro-magnum man.”

There was another, very personal reason for Reginald to be shocked by Trump’s election. With a wry grin, he reveals that, “My new show was mostly written last autumn. Then Trump got elected, and I had to rewrite it very quickly.”

That show comes to Cheltenham on Sunday, March 4th, when the Everyman Theatre gets to host one of the coolest comedians on the planet in Some People Vs Reginald D Hunter.

Born in Albany, Georgia, in America’s deep south, the 47-year-old isn’t afraid to tell it how it is with a disarming honesty. And with his resonant voice, natural charm and imposing presence, he has made himself a favourite with UK audiences, not only through his stand-ups shows but also frequent appearances on such panel shows as Have I Got News For You, Would I Lie To You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

He initially came to the UK at the age of 27 to study drama at RADA but switched to comedy full-time after accepting a dare to do stand-up and taking to it like a duck to water.

Reginald will be tackling subjects as varied as families, boyfriends and girlfriends and why the O.J. Simpson case was “the pivotal moment in race relations in America. It is still sending shock waves through the country today”.

Reginald is perfectly happy over here and isn’t thinking of returning to his homeland any time soon “I love the not-loudness of the Brits compared to Americans. I like the ease of discourse and the fact that you can disagree without guns. I also love the fact that in Britain, you’re allowed to be openly smart. In fact, you can get laid in Britain for being openly smart.”

Reginald hopes that audiences emerge from the show feeling a little bit brighter about the gloomy news headlines. “I hope people will come away feeling less distressed about our current situation.”

Tickets for Some People Vs Reginald D Hunter on March 4th 2018 cost £27 from Everyman Theatre.


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