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Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire


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The guys from the AperolSpritzl Stall at Cornbury Festival

One of the bars, The Cornish Orchards at Cornbury Festival

The Riverside Stage at Cornbury Festival


Introducing the acts on the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival

Emily Capell on the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival

She was introduced as having "the best hairband you'll see all weekend!"

Cornbury Festival

Cocktails at Cornbury Festival

Cornbury Festival

Selling Nice by Nature 100% fruit lollies at Cornbury Festival

Cornbury Festival

Cornbury Festival

A guy called Or shows off his skills and sells circus equipment at Cornbury Festival

Holy Moly & The Crackers were excellent at Cornbury Festival. Two members of the band had recently got married and they said that this summers gigs all feel like an extended honeymoon!

The crowd enjoyed the performers on the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival

Cornbury Festival Emily Capell

We were lucky enough to catch up with Emily Capell at Cornbury Festival. She told us that she was really excited to be on the same bill at The Specials and was peering out of the door to see if she could see them! 

Emily is looking forward to the release of her first album in early October 2019, Combat Frock. She writes all the songs and she particularly enjoyed performing at Cornbury as it was her Dad’s bday and he was in the audience with her Uncle Clem. One of Emily's songs is about only wearing T-shirts from bands when you know the names of three of their songs. She would like to wear a Wham! T-shirt as one fan comes to gigs in one, but actually she would probably wear Joy Division!

"I really like Reading festival. Not too big or small. I have played most of them." says Emily and she was really enjoying her second time at Cornbury!

Fans watching the acts on The Songbird Stage at Cornbury Festival


Amazing amimals on sale at Cornbury Festival ...

and fabulous people from @lordandlama selling them!


Settling down to watch Echo and The Bunnymen at Cornbury Festival

Copies of Red magazine were being handed out free at Cornbury Festival

The view vertically from close to the stage at Cornbury Festival

Gaz Combes brought his backing singers to Cornbury Festival

Gaz Combes is most famous for being the frontman of Oxford band Supergrass in the 1990s and was pleased to bring his band to play at at Cornbury Festival in 2019.

The crowd really enjoyed Gaz Combes at Cornbury Festival

The medical team at Cornbury Festival were doing an important job, especially on the Friday when it was hot and we saw more than one person in need of their services!

Family fun a the fair at Cornbury Festival

The Cornbury site was well signposted, so you knew where to go!

On Friday evening, the conditions were perfect for flying hot air balloons over the campsite at Cornbury Festival

Then Terry Hall and The Specials came out to play Cornbury Festival

Which the crow loved!

Terry Hall has spoken openly about the difficulties in his life but seemed to be enjoying the performance. At one point he said "I actually googled Cornbury last night and a picture of David Cameron came up. I said “I’m not going” but of course I am here! Is he here? David?"

Fans of The Specials at Cornbury Festival

The sun setting on The Special performance.

There is a wide range of workshops and family entertainment at Cornbury Festival.

And lots of circus performers!

And some morris dancers!

And a dog promoting the Dogs For Good Charity, who train dogs for disabled and autistic children to help with day to day life.

The Hairy Bikers Festival Feast tent was popular and many of the sittings were sold out at Cornbury Festival. We did spot Dave and Si out and enjoying the festival too!

Cafe Nero had a stage at Cornbury Festival and on the same day as London Pride, they were wearing T-shirts that said "Together with Pride".

There was crazy maid on stilts at Cornbury Festival!

And crafty things for families to do!

And lots of opportunities to try circus skills at Cornbury Festival

People of all ages were getting glittered and braided at Cornbury Festival

More performances at the Riverside Stage at Cornbury Festival

The cider stall at Cornbury Festival

The tea tent at Cornbury Festival

The Riverside Stage at Cornbury Festival

Cornbury Festival is suitable for all ages!

And you can watch balloon modelling at Cornbury Festival

And Bruce Airhead (As seen on Britain's Got Talent) was at Cornbury Festival

Where he disappeared into a balloon and came out as Superman!

All sorts of coffees and cakes were on sale at Cornbury Festival

Producer Trevor Horn brought his band The Trevor Horn Band to the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival

And Ryan Malloy, from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, belted out a few old favourites.

Lol Creme (from 10cc and Godley and Creme) plays in The Trevor Horn Band.


And away from the stages, the stilts and entertainment continued at Cornbury Festival


Kolars played the Songbird Stage at Cornbury Festival

Trevor Horn and Lol Creme came for a chat! 

Trevor was asked who he was most impressed with in the current music scene "I am impressed most by Lewis Capaldi. He is funny and has personality. Mark Ronson makes great records. I really admire his production. Some new music has a timeless quality. I am sure that people will listen to Uptown Funk in 10 years time."

What is your favourite song to perform at a festival? "Video Killed the Radio Star. We played it in the Forbidden City in China. Everyone knows that song there!"

"Cornbury is the first festival we ever played. We had such a good time and everyone was so kind. It is a good family audience."

KT Tunstall came for a photo shoot before she went on to play the Pleasant Valley stage at Cornbury Festival. She was fun and larking about for the cameras.

The Shires played are the foremost country band in the UK with three top ten UK albums to their name. They wowed the crowd on the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival.

When you had bought a bottle of Frank water, you could fill it up as many times as you wanted at the mobile water stations at Cornbury Festival..

There was a great sense of anticipation as Keane, the Saturday headliners, prepared to come to the Pleasant Valley Stage at Cornbury Festival. Having not played for 6 years and choosing Cornbury as just a handful of gigs for 2019, it seemed like Keane and Tom Chaplin, in particular, really enjoyed playing Cornbury. He also referred to "The Prime Minister", who had apparently been in the wings last time he had played Cornbury Festival a few years earlier as a solo artist.

Many of the audience were Keane fans and Tom had everyone singing along to the most popular songs. Keane also played the new single "The Way I Feel", which Tom explained that Tim Rice-Oxley had written about depression. Many of the crowd were singing along to the up-beat song, but when you listen to the lyrics, it is a very moving sone.

Keane also played two news songs from the upcoming album, one of which they had only played once before "to a room full of 10 people!"

At one point, only Tom and Tim, the keyboard player and songwriter, were onstage and they played the moving ballad My Shadow. Tom Chaplin explained that it was one of his top three Keane songs of all time.

At one point, Tom said that two years ago he didn't think that Keane would be playing again, but then Tim contacted them all with some new songs and now they ahve the new album, Cause and Effect, coming out on 20th September 2019. 

There were several people in the audience who thought it was one of their favourite gigs of all time and judging by the band's reaction, they really enjoyed it too.

Keane playing at Cornbury Festival 2019

***** Cornbury Festival is a fantastic family festival, which is very well organised and civilised (as one person said). It has a wide range of things going on and some great bands performing, with good timetabling. All the volunteers and staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful. Everyone was having a great time! We would definitely recommend attending for the day or the weekend!

And the toilets remained clean even though it was pretty darn hot!


PS. A sneaky tip if you don't want to camp: The Chipping Norton Premier Inn is only 5 miles down the road!


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